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"you don’t need nobody to represent you, you represent you" ….. literally that makes no sense, like the problem is that we don’t get the opportunity to represent ourselves hence being unrepresented lmao.. like does pharrell not understand what the word means..???


DONCHRISTIAN- SS14 ft Le1f & Rahel [prod. By Introspective Minds]

This track is very important to my life.

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Grasp Every Chance
by Joyce Meyer

I will keep Your law continually, forever and ever [hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying it] (Psalm 119:44).

You can meet with God while lying in bed. You don’t have to be in a private room, with the door closed, bowed down on your knees to meet God. You can meet Him in the shower, while driving to work, or when stuck in a traffic jam.

I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t set apart time for God. But you should also take advantage of any time you do have that you could be talking and listening to the Lord. Don’t wait to talk to Him until you have a full hour to spend with Him. Grasp every minute you can find to open your ears to His voice. Take advantage of the idle moments already available to you and spend them with God.

I mean or you could drop your album and get your fans back…

Oh shit

This is the real thing. Watch Kelis play the new stunner “Breakfast” at the NPR Music SXSW Showcase. 

been looking for the colored version for so long 🙌

Anônimo perguntou - "How can I find my personal style ? Like I try to wear stuff like skater skirts and crop tops and docs but I always end up in jeans and a hoodie I really want to change it but when I go in the thrift stores I only find ugly old lady clothes help mee"


why can’t your style be jeans and a hoodie? if thats what you “end up in” is there a reason, like maybe that’s more comfortable for you because it’s right.. i’m not sure. i really like some of the old lady clothes. i watch a lot of pointless french art films, documentaries, docs and interviews about music artists and i obviously did a fashion design program and always liked art so i don’t really know how you find your personal style because it #comes from #within. make a list of things you like— not just trends, but things you see in fashion and how you like to see them in what colors, watch fashion shows or something and find which ones have a style similar to yours and recreate it in your own way based on what you uniquely take from them, etc. go on ebay!  best of luck.

Anônimo perguntou - "i love your eyes.... share?"


only the chosen one can control the lazy eye